Cork Boards for Kids, Offices and Retail Business are Sold Here. Framed and Wall Mounted Bulletin Corkboards Stand Out.

Why are wall mount cork boards so popular? They provide the means to effectively communicate your message to the public. Bulletin boards are used in every office, school, and university in the country. The pure simple nature is only matched by the power of their ability to convey ideas or display important information. These cork boards, including bulletin boards and pin boards, come in a huge assortment of sizes and styles for the choosing. Posting displays are available as framed, enclosed models or simple, open-faced styles. Wall mount or free-standing notice boards offer end users even more possibilities for teaching or posting tasks.

What are the benefits to using cork boards?

  • They easily catch the attention of passersby
  • They are user-friendly tools for displaying information
  • They provide a familiar location for people to gather and exchange information
  • They are excellent directional displays in lobbies or hallways

Do you have an up and coming sports star in your house? Or perhaps a child who has recently made the honor roll? As parents we know that when we encourage our children they can achieve even more than we could imagine. So if you your superstar has recently made the local paper for one of their achievements then maybe something more than the fridge is in order, perhaps a wall mounted newspaper holder. Imagine the feeling of your son or daughter coming home to find their achievement displayed in a newspaper specific frame. Explore our corkboard blog for more fun and creative ideas!

Which cork board should I buy?

  • Open face tackboards are best used in schools and offices
  • Enclosed bulletin boards keep postings tamper-free in high traffic areas
  • Deluxe corkboards (with their stained wood finishes) are ideal for upscale environments
  • Marker boards are the educator's friend!
  • Letter boards are great directories for building lobbies

Looking to wall mount notice boards or letter boards outdoors? CorkBoards2Go stocks a wide range of models for sale expressly designed for exterior use. Filled with weather-resistant features, these bulletin boards can display useful information at all hours of the day, not only when the building is open. Check the status of any product on the website, where the actual, true live inventory is displayed every day. If it's in stock it ships out same day (in most cases). Larger items may require freight shipping and extra lead times. If you have any questions about a particular product or need help in making a purchase, give us a call! Knowledgeable customer service representatives are here to take your call (1-800-572-2194), answer an email, or engage in an online Chat session. CorkBoards2Go wants you to feel comfortable with your shopping experience. Customer satisfaction is our main goal!

CorkBoards2Go is home to the largest bulletin boards inventory in the country. Products include marker boards, letter boards, and dry erase boards in a number of extensive product lines. Mount open-face tackboards on the classroom wall or in school hallways to display student work. Dry erase boards are the most common teaching board on the market, overtaking the traditional green chalkboards of yesteryear. These erasable displays come as wall units or free-standing easels with casters (for more mobile teaching tasks). Letter boards are the quintissential directory display; perfect for providing room locations within a school or office building. These bulletin boards come in handsome framed styles or open-face models for the budget-conscious. Notice boards can also display front page newspapers for restaurants, cafes, and office lobbies. More display products include illuminated bulletin boards, fabric notice boards, easels, and much more all under one roof! CorkBoards2Go supplies notice boards for sale in hundreds of styles. Feel free to browse the online catalog to find exactly what you're looking for or read our white papers on bulletin board and fabric tackboards being used in the community from the white paper writers at

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