Framed Cork Boards - Enclosed Posting Displays

enclosed and framed boards with sliding or swing doors

What is a locking cork board? An enclosed bulletin board is a secure wall display. It features a "front door" that closes tightly to stop unwanted entrance into an exhibit. Many options include locking doors, which increases the security of the displayed message. These corkboards, also known as notice boards, are obtainable in multiple sizes and shapes. allows you to select framed white boards, dry erase boards, and bulletin boards with swing doors, metal, plastic, or even headers. These message boards come with one, two, or three easy opening and closing doors for small or large displays. Corkboards come with self healing cork surfaces for stability. These notice boards serve as directories for your company's wall. Browse our wide variety of dry erase boards. Enclosed corkboards, bulletin boards are rugged and elegant no matter their location or function.

Moreover, offers message boards that are environmentally friendly with recycled cork surfaces. These notice boards can have headers for fast company catchlines or messages. Some of the bulletin boards have interior lights to illuminate your messages and draw attention from a distance. Deluxe notice board models are framed in silver, black, bronze, or gold finishes to match any décor. Wooden framed notice boards are also obtainable. When you want a tamper proof sign, try our enclosed bulletin boards.

What are the benefits of enclosed cork boards?

  • They allow for the exhibit of important wisdom that is protected from tampering.
  • They are sophisticated displays that enhance the décor wherever they are placed.
  • They keep displayed keepsakes clean and dust free.

What type of cork board do I need?

  • Use lockable bulletin boards in high traffic areas to prevent exhibit tampering
  • Use enclosed notice boards to safely display sports memorabilia
  • Use two or three door message boards for expanded displays or to display several subjects in one unit
  • Use bulletin boards with headers to boldly exhibit your company name, logo, or other identifiable catchline's online catalog has bulletin boards, dry erase boards, white boards, and notice boards for sale. There are plenty of framed and wall mounting models for your company. As an online leader in enclosed notice boards, our goal is to be obtainable for any inquiries you may have. Our live chat option is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST. You can also contact our customer service experts via phone. Order enclosed bulletin boards, or any other display, by 1pm EST and receive it the same day!