Magnetic Bulletin Boards with Locking Doors

notice boards with magnetic surfaces specializes in notice boards with frames for wall and floor displays. Our diverse assortment of metal-framed boards includes the best notice boards for your company. What makes our metal-framed bulletin boards better than others? The anodized aluminum frames are strong and longstanding so they will endure multiple message changes over the course of many years. They also have magnetic surfaces to make changing messages quick and easy. Finally, the hidden latches and locks assure tampering with your message is not a problem. These boards, also called notice boards, are suitable displays for sharing messages. Our elegant message boards serve as directories for businesses and restaurants to share information or menus. These corkboards include equipment for wall mounting. All our message boards are easy to set up and simple to use with magnets. The bulletin boards fit in with any d├ęcor. Use the magnets to create unique presentations that can change easily on the bulletin board. These notice boards as well as our dry erase boards are longstanding and elegant message boards that get your point across.

These silver framed bulletin boards function well in any wall display. They can keep all messages secure behind their locking doors. Each corkboard comes with a shatter resistant acrylic lens. This lens serves as a window for the public to see your notices. You can select different notice boards based on the size of your display. offers notice boards in a variety of sizes.

What are the benefits of using these metal-framed bulletin boards?

  • The anodized aluminum frame is rust resistant
  • The cost of the unit is small when compared to the number of years of service it will provide
  • The enclosed cases and shatter-resistant lenses deter tampering

What inquiries do I need to answer before I purchase a bulletin board?

  • Will my unit be placed in an area with little oversight that would require a lockable display?
  • Do I usually exhibit large displays that would require a larger unit?
  • Do I display written messages or memorabilia that requires a corkboard or magnetic back, or do I need a letter board to display room assignments and other similar wisdom?
  • Do I have a message that I would like to display prominently by using a header that fits into the frame of the unit?

Perfect for whatever your display needs are, bulletin boards, white boards, and dry erase boards are eye-catching notice boards for flyers or posters. All of the silver framed bulletin boards mount on your company wall. You can even use some of these notice boards outside! Guaranteed to last a long time, these bulletin boards are secure and stylish. sells 100s of high end and economy priced bulletin boards and dry erase boards from a vast online catalog. You can speak directly to a customer service representative about any notice board in stock at 1-800-572-2194. Live chat support is also obtainable Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST. Order silver framed bulletin boards, dry erase boards, or accessories online today!