These Cork Boards Come in Many Posting Combinations

cork boards


with Oak Frames
cork boards


with Aluminum Frames
information display
Corner Pockets
Curved Poster Frame
Curved Poster Holder
w/Corner Pockets
Informational Display

22" x 28"
Snap Frame
with 4 Brochure Pockets
48" x 48"
White Board
w/ Dual Corkboards
Oak Finish
dry erase board
48" x 48"
w/ Dual Corkboards
Mahogany Finish

Who needs a combination cork board? Everyone! These combination corkboards enhance communications in any office, common room or lobby area! The dual surfaces give maximum flexibility! These bulletin boards are not only versatile, but also sized to fit any wall area. Pick designs representing white boards or bulletin boards, complemented by a chalkboard, poster area, or brochure holder. These notice boards are framed in oak wood or satin-finish metal. If you're shopping for corkboards, such as combination boards you'll see a wide range of selections in our online catalog. Our message boards staff shop worldwide for the best display items. These corkboards exemplify their research!

Cork Boards Display More than Just Notices Notice boards, including brochure holder displays, are suitable for community centers and teachers' lounges. These wisdom displays, poster frames, are acrylic holders accompanied by bulletin boards. Dry erase boards and message boards are concealed behind cabinet doors, which open to display them flanking a white board. Our company offers these wood cabinets of oak, walnut or mahogany as subtle additions to your office or meeting room.

What are the main benefits of combination cork boards? Cork Boards Offer many Combinations Which combination cork board is best for my application? Cork Boards Cabinets Close for Tidying Up Our huge online catalog at will influence you with even more ideas! From dry erase boards to brochure holders, blackboards to letter boards, newspaper frames to wet and dry erase markers, they're all here! For personalized assistance try a live chat online with one of our customer service professionals 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST. You can also reach them any time at 1-800-572-2194.