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Illuminated Message BoardLED message board signs are 100% customizable. The acrylic panel is designed for writing to be continually changed. Designed for sharing messages with students, employees, or customers, our collection informs the general public. You can find free standing displays for the floor or ones designed to hang because these led message board signs cover any use! These led message board signs exhibit important news to any audience. Including a vast array of notice boards, CorkBoards2Go.com carries these illuminated display, countertop display products to augment current displays or create new ones. Search our great lines of products for the display that best fits your needs. Capable of keeping anyone up to date, these posting displays come in practical economic models and sleeker deluxe fashions. Acrylic sign

these manufacturer led message board signs are available in indoor and outdoor models. LED Message Board Signs are Designed to Be used on Any Table or Countertop. Not only reasonably priced, these illuminated display are eye-catching when used correctly. Great at keeping students, employees, customers, and tenants up to date, these writing led message board signs are a helpful way to share information. These Cork Boards Are Backlit Neon Blackboards! and are ideal in assisting you make announcements. Simply the best way to display messages or scheduling events, these illuminated display, countertop display make communication easy.

These Cork Boards are Perfect for School or Office! these led message board signs models are just part of a much larger catalogue of displays. Although affordable, these LED Message Board Signs with Tabletop Mount item are extremely durable. CorkBoards2Go carries everything from economic letter panels to deluxe enclosed displays. Interior and exterior bulletin boards are available. For teachers, any one of our easel marker boards focus studentsí attention on the task at hand. Browse the online catalogue and find the best writing illuminated display models for any occasion. Buy displays with ease! Unless otherwise indicated, all models can be delivered quickly!

A leader in online sales, CorkBoards2Go.com has the right model for you. Every model is available in our warehouse to provide a speedy delivery. Our goals are to give you access to a wide selection of products at reasonable cost and ship quickly. Almost all models are sent the same day if bought before 1 p.m. EST. Representatives can answer all queries. Ask by phone, e-mail, or live chat. CorkBoards2Go wants to be your number one display supplier!

LED Message Board Signs with Tabletop Mount


  • 100 different lighting settings cycle through to illuminate the writing of colorful wet-erase markers.
  • Fold-over acrylic sign wipes clean in seconds so users can write new custom signage on a whim which will twinkle and change with the pulsing colors.
  • Each light-up tabletop runs on a 5 volt power adapter or batteries for locations not in range of an outlet.
  • LED message board signs are easy to transport and can set up anywhere a vibrant communication is needed!
  • Black plastic insert and acrylic covering provide 14"w x 11"h writing space.
A LED Message Board uses Liquid Chalk Markers

These LED message board signs that are customizable are the perfect solution for indoor table and countertop advertising. These acrylic displays are optimized for liquid chalk or wet erase writing and manufacturer designed to illuminate with the brightness once reserved for neon signage. These glowing quick mount panes, LED message board signs that have a tabletop mount can be operated on batteries (not included) as well as the included 5 volt power adapter. The displays offered here are designed to be an eye-catching piece of tabletop advertising. Let the creativity flow from your finger tips as custom advertisements are inked in fluorescent and neon colors on this manufacturer tested durable acrylic panel. LED message board signs, also known as, tabletop write-on signs, have great potential as the lights employed in this unit sequence through over 100 light and speed settings thus enabling an almost endless possibility of marker and light combinations. Variations of these illuminations consist of glow, twinkle, cross-fade, flash and tempo. Ideal for use in the restaurant and food service industry the displays here are also optimal for retail stores, corporate facilities, daycare centers and probably have the greatest impact in tradeshow and job fair environments.

LED message board signs that flash and glow produce bright and crisp signs no matter where your notifications need to be placed. The displays offered here are truly one of the most versatile options in writing advertisements. These affordable LED message board signs have a powerful controller at their helm, which is housed in a sleek black acrylic base. This mount also has clear molded feet on the bottom, which sit a mere 1/16" off the base but still provide excellent grip on any surface. LED message board signs that run on batteries (not included) and are lightweight, thin and vibrant are the ultimate tool for companies large and small when it comes to broadcasting a personal slogan.

Example of LED Message Board Signs
14"w x 12-3/16"h x 4"d
Acrylic Panel Area: 14"w x 11-1/8"h
Acrylic Panel Writable Area: 14"w x 10-1/8"h
Electrical Cord Length: Approximately 6' 4-1/2" l
Qty: 12-56-1819-5253-132
Each: $60.91$57.02$54.43$47.95$45.36
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LED Message Board Signs with Tabletop Mount


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