Chalkboard Markers with 8 Brilliant Colors

Chalkboard Markers
  • Superior ink flow creates smooth and vibrant artwork.
  • Flat tip perfect for writing bold lines and drawings.
  • 8 Brilliant colors to create livelier advertisements and art.
chalkboard markers

These chalkboard markers are perfect for everyday writing and drawing. The neon pens have bright neon coloration with excellent fluidity. These fluorescent bright sticks, chalkboard markers are formulated from fluorescent powder that is non-toxic. Neon pens are a great way to create nice-looking advertisements to draw attention and increase sales. Unlike traditional chalk that often leaves dusty and hazy outcomes, this bright stick ink that feature flat tips enable users to create bold letters and drawings. Additionally, these chalkboard markers, like liquid chalks and fluorescent sticks, dry quickly for users to display the art work sooner without smudging or smearing the messages. The vivid ink colors are sure to draw attention.

These pens are chalkboard markers that comes in a set of 8 brilliant colors; blue, white, green, pink, purple, orange, yellow and red. The colorful and striking inks offer a wide range of shades. These liquid chalk pens, chalkboard markers are sure to make your message and art work stands out from the frame to attract passerby's attention. The neon chalk pens should only be used on non-porous surfaces such as glossy blackboards, window, glass, metal and hard plastic (acrylic). For best results, users can also use these chalkboard markers that have neon colors on any black light boxes. These fluorescent pens will make your message glow in the night and shine during the day time. Fluorescent pens are perfect for any business. These write-on neon pens are wet erase. Therefore, users can easily use a damp or moist cloth to wipe off the art work on the board. Buy these fluorescent pens at a low price and use it to change your dull advertisement to a lively and attractive message board.

Tip Size: 3/8" (10mm)

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Chalkboard Markers with 8 Brilliant Colors
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These chalkboard markers are great for indoor and outdoor displays. These Chalkboard Markers Makes Message Stand Out from the Frame. Reasonably priced, these get your message the notice it deserves. Ideal for updating students, employees, customers, or tenants, these chalks chalkboard markers are an efficient way to communicate. These Cork Boards Are Backlit Neon Blackboards! and are the best fluorescent pen models to disseminate information. Great at alerting the public to changes or instructing employees through protocol, fluorescent pen, liquid chalks make it easy to say what you need to.

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